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Xyli Swish - All Natural Formulated Nano Silver, Xylitol & Aloe Mouthwash - Alcohol and Fluoride Free - Oral Rinse To Fight Bad Breath & Dry Mouth - Peppermint Flavor - 16oz.

  • SAFE TO SWALLOW - Buried Treasure XyliSwish is a daily natural mouthwash that contains simple, natural ingredients; Natural blend of Xylitol, Aloe Vera, and Silver without the burn of alcohol or fluoride additives; Safe to swallow when used as directed
  • NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS - Proprietary blend of Xylitol, Aloe Vera, Silver and splash of Peppermint; NO alcohol, fluoride, artificial ingredients, flavors or colors
  • Xylitol helps promote dental health; Silver helps to control bacterial growth in the mouth; Peppermint oil for fresh clean taste
  • All natural fluoride free and alcohol-free mouth rinse for a fresh healthier mouth Natural blend of Xylitol, Aloe, and Silver with Peppermint for a clean feeling without the burn of alcohol or fluoride additives
Buried Treasure Xyli Swish combines quality basic ingredients to bring a new healthier experience in oral care. Xyli Swish active ingredients include Xylitol, Aloe Vera, SilverSol Nano Silver and Peppermint to help give you a healthier smile. Oral health and care for your mouth and teeth are essential for so many different functions. From the communication of emotions with a healthy smile to the initial stages of digestion, oral care is an excellent place to start for your overall health. Remember to take care of your mouth! Xyli Swish is a new kind of mouthwash and mouthrinse. Made with simple ingredients with no fluoride or alcohol and only natural Aloe Vera, Xylitol, SilverSol Silver, Peppermint and Filtered Mountain Water. Give it a try! Your mouth will be happy you did!

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