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XL Washable Reusable Underpads 36"x54" Waterproof Absorbent Incontinence Bed Pad [3 Pack] Large Underpad with Heavy 4-Layer Protection for Beds Sofa and Mattress - Pads for Adults Seniors Kids & Pets

  • ABSORBENCY – When it comes to incontinence protection for beds, furniture and floors absorbency is the most important thing to consider, these moderate absorbency chux can hold over 8oz of liquid.
  • AMPLE COVERAGE - Being 54-inch on the long side and a 36-inch on the short side you will get more than enough coverage and protection.
  • SLIP RESISTANT - PVC backing helps keep these under pads in place giving the add peace of mind knowing that you are protected.
  • COMFORTABLE - Reusable machine washable under pads made from a cotton and polyester blend.
  • TOP QUALITY - This pack contains 3 bedpads item number ZRUP3654R plus a Vakly Incontinence Management Guide.
  • Brand: Vakly
  • Model: ZRUP3654R+st
Package Quantity: **3**
Vakly 36" x 54" reusable underpad kit contains 3 top selling reusable underpad
item number ZRUP3654R and are Ibex quilted with non-slip, waterproof, PVC
backing. Pee pads also known as chux are great for beds, chairs and sofas and
also perfect for your pets. These Washable Underpad come with a Vakly
Incontinence Management Guide.

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