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XANGO Mangosteen Juice, 750 ml, 4-Count (1 case)

  • Premium dietary supplement
  • A flavorful experience unlike any other
  • A supplement that is safe for everyone
  • Brand: XANGO
  • Color: XANGO
  • Model: XA
XANGO Juice is the nectar of health you’ve been waiting for. Or at least it’s
the best way to get your daily dose of xanthones. What’s a xanthone? So glad
you asked. Those little guys, the partial namesake to XANGO, are what’s making
your respiratory health, immune health, intestinal health, joint health—and
just overall health—better every day.* It might seem like a tall order for
just one organic compound, but fortunately, there are 40 different types of
xanthones found in the mangosteen. And each bottle of XANGO Juice—including
our prestigious XANGO Reserva brand—contains proprietary, pureed mangosteen
fruit. And yes, it’s pretty delicious, too.

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