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Whey Low Sweetener - Sugar Made Healthy - 100% Natural Ingredients - No Aftertaste - No Chemicals or Artificial Flavoring - Keto Friendly

  • SUGAR MADE HEALTHY - 100% natural ingredients and tastes great without the artificial taste or unpleasant side effects of artificial sweeteners
  • COUNTING CALORIES? This healthful, blend of fructose, lactose monohydrate (milk) and sucrose offers an amazing 70 to 80% lower glycemic index and 75% lower caloric value - only 1 effective carbohydrate per teaspoon.
  • 226 SERVINGS PER PACKAGE - Easy to use in coffee, beverages, make your own delicious ice cream or cakes, cookies and other desserts - It is casein free and allows those with lactose intolerance to use it safely.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS IN WHEY LOW - Tastes exactly like sugar but with no unpleasant aftertaste or side effects often found in other sugar replacements. Try it in your tea, coffee, or any recipe that asks for sugar.
  • IT'S SO SIMPLE - Just use Whey Low 1:1 instead of sugar to cook, bake or mix with any recipe that calls for sugar and be delighted with the favor you expect.

Whey Low Sweetener is a perfect low calorie substitute to use in any recipe that calls for sugar.

Easy to use in drinks, cooking, mixing or baking. It measures and tastes just like sugar. Made from three natural sugars but formulated to have only 20-30% of the glycemic index of regular sugar to be more slowly and easily metabolized by the body.

Developed for people who wish to avoid sweeteners made with artificial ingredients or chemicals by an organic chemist whose wife became a Type 2 diabetic.

Whey Low can be substituted for sugar one-for-one in any recipe. It measures, mixes, dissolves and bakes just like sugar. Try some in your coffee, ice tea, on your cereal or fruit or to make your favorite ice cream recipe – Yum!

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