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Wet Works Imaging Customized Pyramex Full Brim Snake BITE Pit Viper Hard HAT with Ratcheting Suspension Custom LIDS Crazy Sick Construction PPE

  • Non-painted Very durable Hydro-dipped image. High Gloss Finish. Shell constructed from abs materials. One of the lightest hydro-dipped hard hats available. Easily adjustable 4-point ratcheting suspension. Replaceable brow pad. Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Standards, Type 1, Class C, G, and E
  • Brand: Wet Works Imaging
For sale a genuine WET WORKS IMAGING hydro dipped hard hat . That has been
custom dipped and then clear coated for that mirror like shine you see in our
photos . We are the only hydro dippers approved by the manufacturer to dip the
Ridgeline hard hat . We meet stringent quality control guidelines that
manufacturers demand , so you know you are getting a quality product . All
Ridgeline hard hats that we sell are ANSI TYPE 1 CLASS C, G , AND E , OSHA
APPROVED , and come with a fully adjustable swing and ratchet head gear that
fits hat size 6 3/4 to 8. Padded rear section of head gear is a super nice
touch not to mention the super soft replaceable front sweat band., the head
gear is also fully adjustable front to back and up and down 2 different
positions each and this is one of the lightest hard hats on the market coming
in at under a pound WOW!!!!!!! This type of quality fit and finish and don't
forget the PRICE . There's only one place to get all this .WET WORKS IMAGING .
All of our hard hats comes with free shipping and the piece of mind you are
getting the best in our opinion hard hat out there . All images will be as
close to photos as possible , please bear in mind that hydro dipped hard hats
are like finger prints two will look close but never the same . So yours will
be unique to you and only you . All of our Ridgeline hard hats are direct bond
to plastic application meaning no chance of the print lifting off of any of
our hard hats , the clear coat may scratch but rest assured the print will not

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