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Wallet Holster for Full Concealment - KelTec P3AT/P32 (Black, Right Hand)

  • Full Concealment
  • Ease of carry
  • Won't be noticed if someone looks into your back pocket
  • Brand: Kevin's Concealment Holsters
  • Color: Kevin's Concealment Holsters
This holster is made especially for carrying where you can't have it noticed.
Most wallet holsters leave the butt of the gun visible. This holster uses a
retainer to hold the pistol in place when the leather covering is closed. It
also keeps the thickness uniform, insuring the gun won't print. The right-hand
model is made to carry in your left rear pocket. To draw it, take the holster
out of your pocket with your left hand, open the cover, and flip the pistol
out into your right hand. It's not quite as fast as wallet holsters you can
draw from directly, but if you're concerned about the gun being noticed, you
can't use those holsters anyhow. Wallet holsters that hold the gun inside and
fire as one unit are a good option for many, but those leave the butt exposed
too. They also aren't legal in every state. To be sure, this holster is not
the best choice if your primary concern is armed robbery. For that you need a
holster you can draw from directly. This holster is for use in places where
full concealment is the priority. It will insure you have something instead of
nothing should something bad happen where your right of protection isn't as
respected as it should be. Since you have to remove the gun to shoot it, this
holster also doesn't come with any of the legal baggage that single unit
gun/holster combos might have, no matter what state you're in. READ THIS: The
retainer DOES NOT snap the gun in place. The gun "rests" inside the holster
and is secured only when the flap is firmly held closed. This is to permit the
flap to be opened and the gun quickly "flipped" into the shooting hand. The
leather is stiffened for durability and so the holster doesn't fold up in the
hand causing the gun to fumble, and requires a breaking-in period. If you find
these things don't work for you the holster is returnable, but DON'T mark the
reason as defective unless there's really a defect, this is how the holster is
made to work.

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