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Vienna® Beef Poppyseed Hot Dog Buns (5.75") 120 count

  • Classic Vienna Beef Poppyseed Buns to make a Vienna Beef Chicago-Style Hot Dog or Polish Sausage.
  • Authentic Hot Dog Stand bun made to hold up when steamed or heated.
  • The authentic, original Chicago-Style Hot Dog Popyseed bun made for Vienna by Rosen/Alpha Baking.
  • 120 Poppyseed buns per case. 12 boxes with 10 buns per box.
  • Pair with any Vienna Beef sausage item sold on Amazon for a classic sandwich.
  • Brand: Vienna Beef
Famous Vienna Beef Poppyseed bun made to hold up when steamed or heated. Just
add a Vienna Beef sausage along with classic condiments (yellow mustard,
chopped onions, sliced tomato wedges, bright green relish, pickles, and sport
peppers) for a true Chicago-Style hot dog or Polish Sausage. Made in Chicago
for Vienna Beef by Rosen's/Alpha Baking.

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