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Trudeau Maison Seafood Shears

  • Specifically designed for cutting shellfish ~ Curved blades cut through hard shells like lobster & crab
  • Generous 8” length provides cutting control without damaging meat ~ Shell-cracking teeth between handle & blade for opening shells, tails & claws
  • Can also peel, devein shrimp
  • Made of durable stainless steel ~ Soft, no-slip silicone handles provide sure grip with wet hands
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning ~ Dishwasher safe
  • Brand: Trudeau
Before you can enjoy the succulent lobster or juicy crab meat, you’ve got to
get past that shell. The Trudeau Maison Seafood Shears were built to cut
through hard shells with ease and efficiency. The 9.8”-long blades are curved,
so they track along the shell without gouging and mangling the meat. An
integrated cracker between the blades and the handle makes quick work of
cracking claws, tails and crab shells, while the soft, no-slip silicone handle
provides secure grip, even with wet hands. These seafood scissors can also be
used to peel and devein shrimp. And cleaning the shears is as easy as
detaching the blades and running them through the dishwasher. If you’re a
seafood lover, the Trudeau Maison Seafood Shears are the catch of the day.

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