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TRIORAL Rehydration Electrolyte Powder - WHO Hydration Supplement Salts Formula - Combat Dehydration from Workouts, Fluid Loss and Much More - 100 Drink Mix Packets

  • 💧 FAST REHYDRATION DRINK: Just mix one packet into one liter of water to turn the hydration of one glass of water into about 3 times the hydration! Get powerful hydration to ensure fast easy recovery in each easy to use packet.
  • 💧 WHO FORMULA: TRIORAL uses the World Health Organization formula for rehydration salts to create the fastest most effective formula to combat dehydration, replace electrolytes, and supplement the body after intense physical activity like workouts or exercise.
  • 💧 ELECTROLYTE POWDER: TRIORAL ORS Rehydration powder provides more hydration and electrolytes with less calories than the average sports drink. This sugar-free powdered mix supplements rehydration, electrolytes, and potassium to aid in recovery.
  • 💧 INDIVIDUAL PACKETS: This box comes with 100 individual packets. Each one uses electrolyte salts to multiply the hydration of 1 liter of water. Just pour the packet into your water and dissolve to create a hydrating nutrient rich recovery drink.
  • 💧 HYDRATION RECOVERY: Our ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) are a must have for your gym bag, kitchen, and first-aid kit! This formula is perfect for recovery from workouts, hiking, dehydration, diarrhea, exercise, sports, training, and more.

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