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Theralogix Ovasitol Inositol Powder Packets - 90-Day Supply - Myo-Inositol & D-Chiro Inositol Supplement for Hormone Balance & Ovarian Function Support* - NSF Certified - 180 Packets

  • Ovulation Support Supplement: This supplement uses 4000 mg myo-inositol and 100 mg D-chiro inositol in your natural ratio of 40:1, which is twice the typical daily dose*
  • Fertility Supplement for Women: This inositol fertility support supplement is ideal for women looking to to promote healthy periods while aiding natural hormone levels and ovarian functions*
  • Menstrual Cycle Supplement: Our menstrual supplement for women is easy to use since the unflavored inositol powder comes in single-serve packets*
  • Purity Tested: Our USA-manufactured supplements are independently verified for potency and purity by NSF; gluten-free, dye-free, vegan, contains no additives and made with premium ingredients
  • About Theralogix: Theralogix produces scientifically formulated nutritional supplements made from premium ingredients, independently tested & certified, and trusted by healthcare providers & patients for over 20 years
Support your health using high-quality supplements with Theralogix Ovasitol Powder Supplement. This supplement contains a unique blend of myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol, a blend designed to support regular menstrual cycles, ovarian health, and fertility.

Each dose of Ovasitol contains 2,000 mg of myo-inositol and 50 mg of D-chiro-inositol, the same 40 to 1 ratio that occurs naturally in your body. This is twice the dose of average women's health supplements. Available in single-serve packets, it's easy to get the right amount of this high-quality hormone balance supplement.

Ovasitol is ideal for women looking to support irregular periods and healthy hormone levels. This ovarian function support supplement for women may also aid healthy egg quality in certain women trying to conceive. With 100% pure inositol powder, this fertility support supplement is free of additives, dyes, and gluten. Give yourself the fertility support you deserve with Theralogix Ovasitol supplement.

Our story is your story, and we share common values with you. In a world of endless choices, our goal is to provide you high-quality nutritional supplements that you can trust. Since Theralogix was established in 2002, there has been a growing awareness that nutritional supplements—taken along with a healthful diet and lifestyle—can play an important role in supporting your health. The Theralogix guiding principle is to make supplements for men and women that use high-quality ingredients to meet your individual needs. Theralogix supplements are trusted by more than 300,000 physicians and patients worldwide since 2002.

In a market where finding trustworthy supplements can be a challenge, Theralogix solves this unmet need. Theralogix is committed to following the science wherever it leads, and continues to provide supplements for men and women that are competitively priced and support your best health.

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