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Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub, Body Buff Wash 15 oz (Pack of 3)

  • Enriched with jojoba butter and crushed coconut extracts to gently exfoliate
  • Softens skin
Size:Pack of 3 Indulge your skin and delight your senses with this Softsoap Body Scrub Coconut Butter Exfoliating Body Wash with Jojoba Extract in a 15 oz bottle. It features a luxuriously creamy formula with exfoliating beads so that you can scrub away the old and pamper the new. This Softsoap body wash is made with high-quality ingredients such as crushed coconut and jojoba butter extracts, which both have natural moisturizing properties. It's designed for gentle use and leaves skin feeling silky soft and smooth. The invigorating scents instantly transform your shower or bath into a tropical oasis for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It comes in a stylish bottle with a secure lid to help minimize spills or messes. Incorporate this body scrub wash into your routine for conditioned and clean skin.

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