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  • BRAND NAME SNACKS: This Snack box has 40 snacks, with sweet, salty, savory, and healthy options. It includes top brands of chips, cookies, candies, bars, popcorn, and crackers. This variety pack is the ultimate sampler box, with all your favorite individually-wrapped snacks. It's perfect for adults and college students, variety fun pack, with bulk, bundle, and value options. It's one of the best snack variety packs on Amazon.
  • Dimensions: This 14”X10”X4.5" package includes: 40 of the tastiest individually wrapped single serve name brand snacks we could find. The box includes a perfect mix of sweet and salty flavors to win over even the hardest to please taste buds.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL GIFT ESSENTIALS: Prepare students for being back on campus or attending virtual classes with tasty ready to eat sweet and salty snacks. Send a truly high quality and meaningful gift that boosts focus while studying. Great gift for all ages and grades - elementary, middle school, high school, college, university, community college, freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, teachers aids, teachers, and much more.
  • GREAT FOR: Schools, College, University, Finals Week, Summer, Camp Office, Meetings, Lunch or Outing Events, On-the-go Snacks Movie, Movies, Picnics, Party, Parties Birthday, Birthdays, Celebration, Anniversary, Wedding Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, Easter Hospitals, Churches, Get Well Soon, After Surgery, Healing, Cancer, Chemo, Sick, Sympathy Abroad, Car Driving, Road Trips, Deployment Thank You, Appreciation, Congratulations, Graduation, Love, Friendship
  • All PEOPLE: Military soldiers, boyfriend, aunt, nephew, teens, father, friend, son, business, grandmother, inmates, husband, women, co-workers, grandchild, new mom, baby, granddaughter, partner, cousin, pop, students, teacher, grandma, girl, someone special, young kids, kids of any age, boss, niece, grandfather, dad, fiancé, toddler, wife, uncle, mother, boys, loved one, girls, acquaintance, buddy, yourself, girlfriend.

Do you ever wonder if your loved one is eating well while they’re away? We designed these tasty snack boxes so that you can make sure they have the tastiest treats coming straight to their door anytime you want to send them a sweet little surprise.

If you have a college student or family member in the military deployed or living away from home, sometimes all it takes to bring back the memories from home is a tasty snack from someone they care about. With our pre-packaged delicious snack boxes, you can easily ship a box of love their way to bring them back to Mom and Dad’s or Grandma and Grandpa’s house with just a bite of tasty food and a care package.

If you’re looking for something nice to do for a loved one that’s going to bring a smile to their face, send them one of our delicious snack boxes and know that they won’t be going to bed hungry.

The Contents Includes:

(1) .5 oz Pirate's Booty (Gluten Free)

(1) 1.6 oz M&M Cookies

(2) .08 oz Pop Chips (Gluten Free)

(1) 1.75 oz Chex Mix

(5) 1 oz Nabisco Assortment

(1) 1.5 oz Chez-Its

(1) 1.5 oz Chez-Its White Cheddar

(3) 1 oz Gold Fish

(1) 2 oz Oreos

(2) .84 oz Chewy Granola bars

(3) .55oz Air Heads

(2) 2.5 oz Grandmas Cookies

(1) 1.75 oz Gardettos

(3) 1 oz Planters Salted Peanuts (Gluten Free)

(3) .8 oz Fruit Snacks (Gluten Free)

(2) 1.52 oz Lance Crackers

(2) 1oz Pop Corners Corn Chips (Gluten Free)

(3) 0.8 oz Motts Fruit Snacks

(3) .78 oz Rice Krispies Treats Bars


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