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Russian Comfrey Plants - Three Crown Cuttings - Establish much faster and more reliably than root cuttings - Bocking 4 Variety - Symphytum × uplandicum (3)

  • Choose Yumheart Gardens Comfrey to be assured of highest quality.
  • Mulch – can be cut several times per year to about 2 inches above ground and used as a green or “chop and drop” mulch. Avoid harvest in the first season.
  • Liquid Fertilizer - steeping chopped Comfrey leaves in water for several weeks produces a thick, dark liquid that can be diluted with water and fed to plants.
  • Deep Roots Mineral Accumulator – high in potassium, but also phosphorus, calcium, Copper, Iron, and Magnesium
  • Ground Cover – lower growing species can tolerate some foot traffic, plant 2-3 feet apart.
This listing is for Crown Cuttings which include some root and at least 1 growing leaf bud. They will establish a plant much easier and quicker than root cuttings.

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