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Roscoe Medical Gel Ice Packs Reusable and Cold Packs for Injuries Reusable, Shoulder Ice Pack, Knee Ice Pack, Hot and Cold Pack, Ice Pack for Back, 7.5 x 11 Inches, Medium Ice Pack

  • REUSABLE ICE PACK - An ice pack for injuries that is made of durable, soft touch material. Our hot and cold packs for therapy are gentle on the skin and are also microwavable heating pads. A perfect ice pack for back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain
  • MICROWAVE HEATING PAD – Applying heat from a heat pack causes increased blood flow to the injury area of pain. Hot packs for pain aid in the healing process by increasing oxygen to the body tissue and aid in the ability to stretch out pained muscles
  • MULTI-USE PACKS. Our cold packs for injuries can be used as a knee ice pack, ice pack for shoulder, back pain, neck pain, or can be reused for injuries where swelling occurs. Substitutes as an ice bag for freezer storage or as a microwaveable heat pack
  • FLEXIBLE HOT COLD PACK. Stays flexible to mold firmly to injuries, knee, back, ankle, shoulder etc. for targeted hot or cold compress and therapeutic relief from strains, sprains, or pains. Comes in small, medium, and large ice pack sizes
  • CRYOTHERAPY – It is recommended to use ice packs for injuries such as bruising, muscle spasms and swelling from acute sprains / strains. A cold gel ice pack can be applied a few times a day for several days after an injury or until it feels better
  • Brand: Roscoe Medical
  • Color: Roscoe Medical
  • Model: BG7511
Size: **Medium**
### Product Description
Our Hot and Cold Gel Packs help reduce swelling that causes pain and
substitute as ice bags for injuries. When used as a cold packs for therapy, it
provides fast first relief for acute soft tissue injuries and other conditions
that require cold applications to reduce bruising swelling and pain. When used
as a hot therapy it provides long lasting soothing relief. It is a great
source of muscle relaxation increasing blood flow to promote healing. It can
also be used to soothe arthritis pain. It is the perfect solution to help
relieve strains sprains headaches and other soft tissue injuries. This
versatile gel pack is reusable and can be cooled in the freezer in as little
as one hour or warmed in the microwave / hot water in as little as 50 seconds.
This flexible ice pack can be molded to the body part even when frozen. When
used as a heat pack, the pack should not be overheated in the microwave.
Please follow the directions in the instruction manual. Manufacturer Contact
Information 8003767263.
### Manufacturer Contact Information

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