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Replacement Filter Pads for Renewaire ERV EV90P / EV200 / EV240 / EV300 - 4 Pack of 10-1/2 inch x 21-3/4 inch

  • Pack of 4 MERV 8 , Spun Polyester Media Pads
  • 10-1/2x21-3/4x1 Replacement for Renewaire ERV Filters
  • Insert with Orange Side Toward the Core
  • Approx. 3/4" - 1" Thickness
  • Can be cut down to fit other ERV sizes
  • Brand: Airstar Filters
  • Model: 1OR_10.5x21.75_4pk
**Orange / White Polyester Replacement Pads for Renewaire Energy Recovery
**Item Specifications:** The 100% dual density synthetic media is comprised
of polyester fibers. The media is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, does
not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.
The media delivers three-stages of filtration. The first stage (white side) of
the media is designed for depth-loading, capturing particulate as air enters.
The second stage (orange side) is designed to stop dirt from passing through
the media. Finally, the composite adhesive delivers the third stage of
performance.The downstream side shall be orange in color and contain a non-
migratory, non-drying adhesive coating the fibers.
**Note : PER RENEWAIRE - The ERV cores shall be protected by a MERV-8 rated,
spun polyester, disposable filter in both airstreams. Renewaire does not
recommend the use of higer MERV RATINGS as they may have an adverse effect on
**Additional Information:**
* Antimicrobial effectively controls growth of mold, mildew, algae, and fungi on media
* Tackified to enhance dust retention and helps to achieve a higher percentage of air-borne contaminant removal
* Pack of 4
**Compatible with:**
* EV90P
* EV200
* EV240
* EV300
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**All replacement pads are cut within 1/4" of the ordered size.**
***** Items may be compressed or folded for shipping purposes. *****

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