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Repellex 20021 Systemic Granular Animal Repellent, Cranbery

  • Say goodbye to unwanted pests with our comprehensive repellent! Perfect as squirrel repellent, rodent repellent, mole repellent, gopher repellent, mouse repellent, raccoon repellent, skunk repellent, rabbit repellent, deer repellent, etc.
  • Long-lasting formula - This granular formula is long-lasting as it is absorbed by your plants and despite being granular it is rainproof as well.
  • Protect Your Lawn and Garden - Our squirrel deterrent, also a deer deterrent for yard, keeps your grass and plants safe. Use it within your house or outside to maintain your garden's beauty.
  • Pre-Measured Scoop Included - Our 3.0 lb jar makes application easy with one scoop per sq. ft. Simply sprinkle, rake, and let the rain activate the ingredients to protect your plants all season.
  • Year-round protection - This repellent is designed to stay in plants and can last an entire growing season. This provides great value over topical sprays and less mess. Reapply if the plant doubles in size during the growing season

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