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ProCO2 XL Bucket - CO2 Generator - Ready to Use - Carbon Dioxide Boost for Indoor Grow Rooms and Tents - from Sprouting to Vegetative Growth Thru Flowering - One XL Bucket Covers up to an 3’x3’ Tent

  • Ready to Use - Our proprietary process provides CO2 immediately. Within 24 hours your plants will get the full benefit of ProCO2. Other products need up to two weeks of incubation before use.
  • Plants Breathe CO2 - ProCO2 is designed to be hung close to the top of your plants with the provided handle allowing Co2 to be released directly over your plants. Just peel back the sticker to start releasing.
  • The XL ProCO2 bucket covers up to a 3’x3’ tent with just one unit. You can easily hang multiple units to cover a larger room.   
  • Recommended Use - Use ProCO2 buckets for all stages of plant growth.  From sprouting thru flowering.  Helps strengthen the stem, encourage fast flowering and increase yields. 
  • Best Practice is to carefully shake your ProCO2 bucket periodically to keep the flow of CO2 steadily supplying your plants.

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