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Prebiotic Fiber Supplement for a Healthy Gut | Fiber Powder with Zero Grit Zero Taste and No Bloating or Gas | Feel Full Faster | Keto Non-GMO Gluten Free Vegan 200 Servings

  • NO MORE EMBARRASSING SIDE EFFECTS: just better. prebiotic fiber supplement powder does NOT cause gas, bloating, or cramping.
  • NO CLUMPING | NO GRIT: Our fiber dissolves completely leaving no clumps, grit, or taste. Add just better. prebiotic fiber to any hot or cold food or beverage, including wine and cocktails. It’s an easy way to incorporate more unflavored soluble fiber in your diet without changing the taste of your favorite foods and beverages.
  • FEEL LIGHTER AND FLATTEN YOUR BELLY: If you are among the 97% of Americans who do not get enough fiber in their diet, experience what lighter feels like with just better. prebiotics fiber.
  • FIBER UP SLIM DOWN: Tired of feeling hungry all the time? just better prebiotic resistant starch helps you feel full faster and stay full longer so you feel less hungry between meals. Clinically proven to reduce abdominal fat.
  • 100% NATURAL - Non-GMO, Plant-Based, Gluten Free, Vegan, Certified Low FODMAP, KETO Friendly
Just Better. Prebiotic Soluble Fiber Supplement: A tasteless, prebiotic soluble fiber developed by a Registered Dietitian on a mission to help busy people get healthy and stay healthy. Just Better. dissolves completely and has no taste, texture, color, and NO GRIT. Each serving (1 TBSP) provides 5g of Non-GMO prebiotic soluble fiber. Just Better. is a simple, easy, and convenient way to add more fiber to your diet without gas or bloating. Just Better. is 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten & Wheat Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Nut and Seed Free, Nothing Artificial, Vegan, and Low FODMAPs. Give your favorite food or beverage a healthy upgrade!

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