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Perma Soft Denture Reliner Kit - Relines 2 Denture Plates - Semi Soft DIY Denture Liner for Upper and Lower

  • To reline the inside of a denture and eliminate the need for denture adhesives*
  • Keeps dentures snug and secure.
  • Comfortable fit for loose, irritating dentures.
  • Long-lasting denture reline kit.

Perma Soft is a specially formulated powder and liquid that when mixed together and applied to the denture takes the impression of your gums, stays soft and helps stop gum shrinkage. Wearing dentures wears down the gums and with Perma Soft, you can significantly slow down the gum-shrinking process.will not only protect your gums from loose, irritating dentures, but it will also make your dentures fit like new again while giving your mouth and gums comfort. It is specially formulated to stay soft yet firm to save your gums from wear and tear of hard plastic dentures. It will tighten, cushion and relieve irritation with no need for drug store adhesives.

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