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New Zealand Baby Sheepskin, Ethically Sourced, Silky Soft Natural Length Wool, Un-Shorn Baby Care Lambskin Rug, Premium Quality, LRG 34-36 inches in Length

  • The naturally short lambswool has never been trimmed, so is luxuriously soft.
  • Wool is a light amber color.
  • Specially processed for baby use.
  • Machine washable in luke warm water and mild soap (we recommend Outback Gold Wool Wash).
  • Large lambskins measure 34 - 36 inches in length.
This super soft New Zealand Lambskin baby care rug has been sourced from accredited farms in New Zealand where sheep are raised in the wide open, grassy pastures by farmers that adhere to the regulations and codes for the ethical treatment of animals set by the Animal Welfare Act. These regulations ensure that animals have sufficient food and water; adequate shelter; the opportunity to display normal patterns of behavior; appropriate physical handling; protection from and rapid diagnosis of injury and disease. Farmers must meet an animal's physical, health, and behavioral needs, and must alleviate pain or distress.

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