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Nature Creation Microwavable Heating Pads Full Set - Microwave Heating Pad for Cramps & Back Pain + Neck and Shoulders Heating Pad + Lavender Eye Mask + Sinus Relief Pad - Blue Branches 1 Set of 4

  • EASY TO USE: Nature Creation's full set of microwave heating pads is a comprehensive, user-friendly and natural solution that provides multiple benefits to your well-being. Our reusable heat packs can keep you warm, relieve discomfort and help you unwind. Alternatively, you can use these body comfort packs for cold therapy! Whether you want a heat pad for cramps, neck & shoulders, back pain, lavender eye mask or a sinus relief pack for relaxation, our pads fit the bill.
  • HARNESS THE POWER OF AROMATHERAPY: Filled with an aromatic mix of herbs, as soon as you open the package you'll be smelling soothing scents. Whether you use it as a warm compress or a cold compress for your cramps, neck, shoulders & back pain, the amazing smells of herbs like chamomile, cinnamon, and lemongrass help reinvigorate you.
  • MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with cotton, our microwavable heating pad utilizes natural ingredients like flax and wheat, which can retain heat for an extended period. This makes it a truly marvelous travel heating pad that you can take with you virtually anywhere. Use our set for better sleep, cramps upper back, shoulders, chest and neck discomfort anytime, anywhere!
  • A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: If you're looking for comfort items for that special someone, our set of body heating pad makes a practical and thoughtful gift of wellness. Making a great addition to one's office supplies or travel accessories, our cold heat pad is a unique gift!
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly made right here in the USA, our cool/warm pad provides high quality comfort. For a hot compress, stick it in the microwave and for a cold compress, stick it in the freezer. Let our heat packs provide warmth day after day!
  • OUR PROMISE: Your experience with our moist heating pad matters to us. So, if you’re not completely satisfied or happy with our reusable heating pad, please let us know so we can make things right. Each of our hot packs comes with a twelve (12) month seller warranty.
Our full set of aromatic microwavable heating pads can be effortlessly used on virtually anywhere on your body. Our moist heating pad works on the joints, muscles, cramps, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, and lower back, safely and conveniently, all without the unwelcome side effects of medication. If you prefer cold therapy for injuries, bruises, or swelling, simply throw our cooling pad in your freezer. It's the ultimate hot and cold pain relief pad! Our microwave heating pads heats up quickly and easily shapes itself into each and every part of your body to provide soothing, comforting relief. Our cooling/heating pack features an ideal weight that helps hold it in place to deliver gentle and effective cold/heat therapy pressure. Say goodbye to cold offices or homes and say hello to the warmth provided by our microwavable moist heating pads. Our microwave heat pack utilizes flax and wheat which are natural ingredients that excel at holding heat for long periods of time to keep you warm and cozy no matter where you are. We also fil our microwavable heating pads with a blend of herbs, which creates soothing aromatherapy for natural stress and tension relief. Each cold/hot therapy heating pad is made right here in the USA using the finest materials available. Our pain relief pad features a super soft cotton fabric that gently hugs your skin and provides you with calming heat. Our full set of natural relief pads make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because! Give that special someone a gift they can use again and again for lower back pain, upper back pain and menstrual cramps whenever they need to. This microwavable heating pad is also filled with all natural ingredients combining soothing and calming aromatherapy benefits with the hot & cold therapy benefits.

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