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Natural Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray – Dry Gone Throat Moisturizer Helps Provide Relief from Cotton Mouth with Neem, Peppermint Oil, & Herbal Extracts – Alcohol & Sugar Free Oral Treatment by Everest

  • Help Is Here – Tired of your mouth feeling like a desert? Find relief with Everest! Your dentist-formulated Dry Gone spray helps moisturize your oral tissues with all-natural oils and extracts.
  • Check Off Complaints – Help stop bad breath, increased cavities, and altered taste. Your unique formula is perfect for adults who suffer from thrush, snoring, or any other dry-mouth-causing conditions.
  • Oral Care Made Simple – Keeping your mouth hydrated has never been easier. Travel size (2 fl. oz.) and safe to swallow, your xylitol mouth spray requires just 2-4 squirts and no rinsing.
  • 100% Natural – No need to worry about ingesting chemicals. Unlike many dry mouth lozenges, gum, or mints, your xerostomia spray contains no artificial sweeteners, parabens, alcohol, or fluoride.
  • Something to Smile About – At Everest, we put your health and satisfaction first. That’s why we craft professional dental hygiene products in the U.S. with natural ingredients that work.
Extra Smiles Are a Spray Away

When you suffer from xerostomia or dry mouth, comfort is hard to come by. Not only does your mouth feel like the Sahara and every swallow sticks in your throat, but you are also prone to nasty-smelling breath, multiple cavities, and changes in taste. Luckily, Everest is here to provide relief. Crafted by dentists with 100% natural ingredients, your Dry Gone spray helps reinstate much-needed hydration and fight common symptoms of dry mouth. Don’t grit your teeth and bear it. Feel comfortable again!

Ideal Solution for Your Specific Needs

Your mouth spray is ready to benefit you, featuring a special, science-backed blend of pure, potent elements such as glycerin, xylitol, and choice herbal extracts. We designed Dry Gone especially for:

– Men and women who snore regularly, are of a mature age, or have nerve damage
– Those taking medications or undergoing therapies that can cause xerostomia
– People afflicted with health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, yeast infection (thrush), or autoimmune disorders
– Those who frequently partake in alcohol or tobacco

From Bothersome to Soothed in 1 Step

Unlike a lozenge that needs to sit and melt or toothpaste that requires minutes of brushing, your spray works in seconds. To temporarily quench your parched oral tissues, simply direct 2-4 sprays into your mouth. There’s no need to rinse. Your spray is safe to swallow.

Enjoy These Extra Benefits

Every aspect of your dry mouth spray reflects its quality, including:

– Travel Size: With its 2 fl. oz. of liquid in a compact bottle, your mouth spray is perfect for taking on the go.
– Harmless: Rest assured, your spray contains no artificial sweeteners, parabens, alcohol, or fluoride.
– Good Tasting: Enhanced with a hint of peppermint oil, your oral moisturizer tastes fresh.

Relief is here. Grab some Dry Gone Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray!

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