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MOON-1 Manual Coffee Grinder Antique Cast Iron Hand Crank Coffee Mill With Grind Settings & Catch Drawer ,120 x 120 x 260mm.

  • Manual Coffee Grinder - Premium Vintage Style Coffee Grain Burr Mill Machine with Catch Drawer, Conical Burr Mill, Spice Hand Grinding Machine, Hand-crank Roller Drive by
  • Perfectly coarse or fine finish; use Italian espresso, spices, vanilla, nuts and more
  • Unit Requires No Electric Plug; Simply Twist Cog Nut to Change Setting, Load Beans in Bowl & Rotate Ergonomic Handle to Grind
  • CONVENIENT CATCH DRAWER – Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Mills Directly Into No Mess Container; Open Drawer to Add Cinnamon, Nutmeg, or Cocoa Powder
  • Fully Functional Piece Makes an Attractive Display for Your Home Décor; Built of High Quality Pine Wood, Ceramic Core & Cast Iron DELIVERS AMAZING FLAVOR – Make Gourmet Beverages at Home With Coffee Maker, French Press or Drip Brewer; Hand Grinding Improves Taste, Acidity & Finish
  • Brand: YUEHUA
  • Color: YUEHUA
  • Model: 4335884998
**Product description**
Crank your coffee up to 11!
Bring a chic coffeehouse essential to your home brewing station with the
Coffee Grinder by .
This artisanal hand crank coffee grinder is practical, portable, and
accommodates a large capacity of beans for every milling batch.
The unit’s gorgeous cast iron construction and bright red base make it a
lovely display for any room in your Old World inspired home.
Best of all, its smart design means you’ll never deal with jumping beans or
messy dust again.
Just crank the handle and retrieve your grinds in the handy drawer for near-
instant convenience!

Premium Coffee Mill Grinder
Expertly constructed and artfully designed, this vintage mill handles a
variety of grinding jobs beyond your everyday coffees and espressos.
Use it for dry spices, herbs, nuts, and other gourmet ingredients.

Smooth Manual Cranking
Don’t bother with messy, complicated grinders.
This crank style mill requires just a few turns on the handle and you’re soon
ready to brew up some gourmet coffeehouse specialties.
Also makes a wonderful conversation piece.

Grinds Exceedingly Fine—Or Coarse
Whether you need extra fine finish for your drip machine or coarser texture
for a French press, the unit’s top parts easily screw off so you can select
your setting.
Simply rotate the cog nut to achieve a range of grind finishes.
Charming Old-World Design
Forget bulky eyesores of appliances.
This machine oozes antique charm with its red wood base and durable cast iron
The pedestal’s built-in drawer also offers a smart solution for collecting
Makes Coffee House Quality
Preserve beans’ natural flavor, aroma, texture, and oils with a machine that
doesn’t produce heat or other pollutants.
You’ll enjoy cup after cup of smooth every day of the year.

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