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Mixed Hawaiian Plumeria Frangipani Cuttings Red White Yellow Pink 8"-10" Long (Pink)

  • Hawaiian Frangipani Plumeria Cuttings 8 to 10 Inches long
  • Create a beautiful fragrant tropical plumeria plant garden inside or outside
  • Plant for landscaping, grow indoors or outdoors or gift to friends and family
  • Our Plumeria plant trees are grown on the Big Island of Hawaii . Cuttings are from mature trees.
  • Our Cuttings are individually packaged (like pictures shown) and has planting instructions on back of card
  • Regular watering, shade to full sun, perennial
spend any time at all in the islands and you'll soon notice that these plumerias are everywhere. And the variety of colors are certainly a beauty to, pink, white, yellow. But what really sets the plumeria apart is their lovely fragrance. Light and subtle, there just isn't anything quite like it! Once the hardy unrooted Hawaiian Plumeria has bloomed. The blooming Plumeria flower has silky shinny pedals, with a fabulous sweet fragrance. Pua Melia is the Hawaiian Name for Plumeria, The delicate fragrant makes for the popular flower lei. The Plumerias are the traditional flower used for making leis and come in colors of red, white, yellow and pink. These Hawaiian Plumeria plants are a great addition to any flower garden, landscaping,house plants, office plant, patio plants or as an indoor outdoor potted plant. All of our freshly packed tropical cuttings,roots, shoots,seeds and small potted plants are grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Cutting is approximately 10 inches long and comes with planting instructions. ALOHA

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