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Military Wool Blanket, 90" X 66", 100 Percent Wool Blanket, Army Surplus Wool Blanket (Olive Green, Twin Size)

Olive Green
  • WARMEST BLANKET - This wool camping blanket traps body heat in extreme conditions, even when wet. It's also breathable, temperature regulating and loom woven for durability
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR - This military wool blanket is ideal for hunting, survival or bushcraft gear. Great for wool blanket camping, it's better than army surplus
  • LARGE SIZE - At over seven feet long, our wool blanket twin sized hero will comfortably cover the tallest person, with enough side-to-side room for two adults
  • EASY CARE - Our camping blankets and throws are machine washable (see below for care info). Also factory washed 3X so they are ready for immediate use
  • UPGRADED QUALITY - Significantly improved smell, softness and washability. Also now includes a reusable storage pouch

Product Description

THROW: Smaller size is perfect for kids, pets, or use as lap blanket

TWIN: Standard wool blanket size that covers a majority of use cases well - ample room for even the largest adults

QUEEN / KING: Extra large sizes are well suited for the master bedroom, family camp-outs or sharing with a crowd

Size Throw Twin Twin Twin Twin Queen / King
Weight 2.5 LBS 4.5 LBS 4.5 LBS 5.0 LBS 5.0 LBS 6.8 - 8.2 LBS
Material 100% Wool 90% Wool 90% Wool 100% Wool 100% Wool 100% Wool
Dimensions 60" x 50" 90" x 66" 90" x 66" 90" x 66" 90" x 66" 90" x 90 - 108"
Fabric Weight Heavy Medium Medium Heavy Heavy Heavy
GSM 600 540 540 600 600 600
Factory Pre-Washed
Fire Retardant Free
Edge Finish Overlocked Overlocked Whipstitched Overlocked Whipstitched Overlocked

Use a Wool Friendly Soap

We recommend using a mild liquid soap or a wool specific detergent - no bleach or enzymes. Like all loom-woven blankets, it is normal for some minimal shedding and shrinkage to occur during the first few washes

Use Cold Water

To extend the life of your wool blanket, we recommend hand washing in cold water (a partially filled bathtub works great for this)

Use a Delicate Cycle

You may also machine wash your blanket separately in cold water using a gentle cycle - but do not use a washer with a center agitator. This blanket may also be dry cleaned if desired

Air Dry Without Heat

Use your washer's spin cycle to remove excess water - then line dry or lay flat to dry away from direct heat. Do not tumble dry using heat. Once the blanket is dry - use the no heat 'air fluff' dryer cycle to 'vacuum off' any loose blanket fibers

Helpful Info

  • Comfort Tips: We'd recommend keeping an additional layer of fabric between your skin and your wool blanket. For a chilly outdoor event - just wrap up and enjoy the coziness! For your sleeping bag - wrap the blanket around the outside of your bag for additional thermal insulation. For your bed at home - sandwich wool blankets between cotton sheets, other blankets and/or your bedspread
  • No Need to Wash Before Use: While you can pre-wash your blanket if you'd like - your blanket was triple pre-washed at the factory and does not need to be washed before use
  • Recommended Washing Frequency: Wool blankets generally don't need frequent washing - and will last longer by only doing so when it's clearly needed. To maintain freshness we recommend periodically airing your blanket outside. Minor soiling can be gently brushed off - or sponged off with a damp cloth
  • Recommendations to Improve Wool Odor: First - please realize that wool itself certainly has a different smell to it than cotton or polyester - especially if it is wet or damp. If there are any lingering odors you'd like to eliminate - the best remedy we've found is to let the blanket air outside in the sun for a day or two (even in colder temperatures)
  • Blanket Temperature Ratings: It's difficult to give temperature ranges that are actually useful because of the subjective nature of what constitutes 'warm' from one person to another. Given this we'd recommend thinking of your sleep system in terms of layers. Too cold? Add a layer. Too hot? Remove one. Given the weight of EKTOS blankets and the unique properties of wool, we believe you'll find them to be a valuable part of your layering strategy
  • Use of Recycled Fibers: Our blankets contain a mix of both new and recycled wool fibers. The new virgin fibers provide more strength and protection against shedding - while using recycled wool allows us to offer blankets at more affordable prices (while also diverting many tons of useful material away from landfills). Also of note - because our 100% wool blankets are made from a blend of new and recycled wool fibers it's possible that they can contain very small (immaterial) amounts of man-made fibers
  • 90% Wool vs. 100% Wool Blankets: Besides the obvious size, weight, and material composition differences - the biggest differentiating factor between our 90% and 100% wool blankets is the quality of the raw material inputs used to make them. Our 100% wool blanket product line uses higher quality fibers and a higher quantity of virgin wool
  • Country of Manufacture: EKTOS Wool Blankets are Made in India

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