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Mexican Chiles 3 Pack Guajillo, Ancho and Pasilla 4Oz Each, Natural Whole Dried Chili Peppers, Intense Taste and Flavor, 4 Oz per Bag. Heat-Sealed Resealable Bag, Chile Seco

  • Authentic mexican flavors: Enjoy a veritable Mexican cuisine experience with our dried Mexican chiles! We bring at your doorstep 3 varieties of chile peppers so you can enjoy a balanced spicy taste in any meal.
  • Top-quality ingredients: We selected our ingredients with care to bring you a top-quality product. Our ancho chiles, pasilla, and guajillo chiles are naturally dehydrated and packed in proper conditions, to maintain the freshness and quality intact.
  • For spicy blends: Our set with Mexican chiles a must-have for your kitchen. The dried chiles have a mild heat and add savory and taste to traditional Mexican meals. The dried chile peppers go well with enchiladas, salsa, casseroles, and many other dishes.
  • Convenient package: These dried chili peppers come packed in a resealable bag, designed to keep the chiles fresh, in perfect quality condition. Also, this package is super convenient and easy to use, ideal for restaurants.
  • What you get: The whole dried chili peppers are carefully packed in resealable bags. Each 4oz bag contains a different kind of mild-heat dried pepper. The complete set includes 3 bags with Ancho chiles, Pasilla chiles, and Guajillo chiles.

Your satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities! That is why we chose our ingredients with care from reliable suppliers, to bring to your doorstep premium quality products, meant to help you maintain a well-balanced diet and enjoy delicious, spicy meals! If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we are always at your service to address any concerns or needs!
Why is this product for you?
Who would refuse a traditional Mexican dish, made with our premium dried hot peppers? Our set includes 3 bags with top-quality dried peppers, such as ancho, pasilla, and guajillo chiles. The chile peppers have a mild-heat and bring an excellent spicy taste to your meals. The peppers are naturally dried and carefully packed in resealable bags, meant to keep the freshness and quality intact. Our Mexican chiles go incredibly well with enchiladas, sauces, salsa, tacos, and other delicious dishes. With an intense flavor and rich, spicy taste, these dried peppers are a must-have in every kitchen!
Some of the amazing features of this product:
Dried Mexican chiles;
Naturally dehydrated;
Traditional Mexican ingredients;
Intense flavor;
Add savory to any dish;
Hand-picked ingredients;
Suitable for authentic Mexican recipes;
Resealable package;
Delicious sundried tomato paste;
Perfect for enchiladas, taco, salsa, and many other dishes;
3-pack set with ancho, pasilla, and guajillo chiles;
4oz bag.
Add savory and a little spice to your food with our dried Mexican chiles!

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