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Lumbosacral Support, Spinal Disk Back Brace, Adjustable Front, Regular

  • Ideal for lumbar muscle or ligament sprains or strain, chronic lower back pain, herniated disc or disc disease, and spinal stabilization.
  • Adds additional support for weak or injured back.
  • Medical grade quality material is adjustable for various activities.
  • Specifications: 9 inch front, 14 inch back. For average builds.
  • Measure by circumference around hips. Available sizes: Small (34 to 36 inches), Medium (38 to 40 inches), Large (42 to 44 inches), X-Large (46 to 48 inches), 2X-Large (50 to 52 inches), and 3X-Large (54 to 56 inches).
  • Brand: Truform
  • Color: Truform
Size: **Large (42-44 Inch hip)**
Truform-OTC brand (model 0644) lumbosacral support. Offers moderate to firm
support to the lumbar area without restricting movement. Designed to help
reduce excessive and unwanted movements and so encourage healing of injured
tendons, ligaments, muscles and lumbar discs by helping to manage stretching.
Eases pressure on mild disc herniation and bulging as well as mild lumbago and
also helps maintain proper alignment of the lumbar spine to encourage
rehabilitation. This breathable support is adjustable for a comfort fit.
Use For: Lumbar muscle or ligament sprain or strain, chronic low back pain,
herniated disc or disc disease, spinal stabilization

Type: Unknown Type