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Lilbees Solar Hog Feeder Light Motion Activated Green Hunting Lights for Predator Coyote Pig Varmint Deer Hog Night Hunting(G300)(Pack of 2)

  • ✅High Efficiency Solar Powered-This LED hog feeder light adopts eco-friendly solar panel which built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery. It is charged by converting solar energy into electricity during day time.
  • ✅Automatic PIR Motion Sensor-Motion activated light with 20 green led, it will turn on when people or animal walk close to it at night or dark surroundings, when nobody moves there, light will turn off in 30 seconds to save power, greatly simplifies night hunting by only watch for the light to brighten.
  • ✅30-40ft Illumination Around the Feeder-This deer feeder light features high-powered 20 LED green lights, When the light positioned 6 feet off the ground, it will create a 40ft perimeter of light.
  • ✅Multi-Level Protection- Meets IP65 Waterproof Standards Baited Hog Hunting Light. Protect your solar power feeder lights from rain, moisture, sand, dust, corrosion, etc.
  • ✅Easy Installation and Compact Size-You can strap the hog hunting light to a feeder, a tree or post.Compact size(length: 165mm) and camouflage pattern.
  • Brand: Lilbees
  • Color: Lilbees
**The LILBEES Boar Light is portable feeder light for night time hog hunting
and game observation,With this feeder hog light, you can continue the pursuit
of hogs at night.**

This easy to use light has an on board lithium Ion battery and its built in
Solar panel makes it self sufficient. Activated by motion, the moonshine light
can also be a great security addition to your house or camp. With the help of
its 18 high Intensity Green LED lights, the green light is sure to light up
the night.
\- Solar panel:0.65W,17% efficiency - Li-ion battery: 2000mAh -Solar charging
time is 8Hrs
\- Weight:198g - Size: L165x78x90mm
\- LED 18PCS SMD2836
\- Lumens: >=90lm
\- LED span life:50,000Hrs
\- Solar charging time: 8Hrs
\- Lighting mode: Dark/Bright Bright -motion activate for lighting when Animal
walk near - Auto identify day or night
\- Produt function: Over charging,over discharging,over discharging,over
current,short circult.
\- Li-ion battery span life: 500 circles
\- Solar panel span life: mor than 5 years
\- 1-year Manufacturer replacement warranty
Package included:
2 Units of Lights,Each Unit including:
1x LILBEES solar feeder light
1x User manual
1x Hanging wall panel
1x Key pin
2x Expansion pillar-hinger
2x Screw

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