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JDs Bloody Mary Mix (2 Packages, 300 Servings!)

  • JD's Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect blend of all natural spices and seasonings needed to make the perfect Bloody Mary.
  • 2 Packages of Bloody Mary Seasoning : Makes 150 Servings per Package!
  • Add 1/2 tsp of JD's Bloody Mary Mix to 8oz of tomato juice. Bloody Mary Time!
  • Or use a full tablespoon of JD's Bloody Mary Mix to make a full pitcher!
  • Use as a tangy spice in several dishes. Works wonderful as a Chicken Wing rub!!
Whether you want the worlds most delicious Bloody Mary or a refreshing spicy
tomato juice drink, JD’s Bloody Mary Mix is for you! This single foil pouch
makes 150 8oz servings! Just a half of a teaspoon of JD’s Bloody Mary mix for
a single serving or a tablespoon for a pitcher. You can make as much or as
little Bloody Mary’s that you want. No more overpriced store bought jugs
getting gross in the fridge that you have to toss out! Also, use it on wing or
drummies as a dry rub or add to honey as a wet rub. Throw some in your chili
for a blast of flavor! JD’s Blood Mary mix is only contains ingredients you
can pronounce…like salt, red pepper, celery seed, Black pepper, chili pepper,
thyme, onion, garlic and more! Use with your favorite tomato juice and get
ready for the best Bloody Mary of your life!

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