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Huge 4000 Card Magic The Gathering Card Collection - Includes 100+ Rares, Uncommons, Commons, and Possibly Mythics! MTG Bulk Lot

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  • Magic: The Gathering Collection
  • MTG Bulk Lot
Approximately 4,000 cards (give or take 5%) including up to 10 unique rares and tons of uncommons and commons. Almost all of the cards are in NM (near mint) condition. I do not sell cards that I consider to be in bad condition. There may be some foreign cards mixed in, but I cannot guarantee that.. This lot will be comprised primarily of cards from the past 6 -8 sets, so most cards will be new. I will do my best to limit excessive duplication, but this is 4000 cards we're talking about here and most will be from the most recent sets. There will be duplication! I will ship out the next business day in a well packaged flat rate box. This is a great way to start your collection, increase your existing lot, or give as a gift to a fledgling player. Please check out my other deck listings if you are looking for something that is ready-to-play.

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