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HigherDOSE Serotonin SOAK - Potent Magnesium Bath Soak with Stress Relief Essential Oils & Apple Cider Vinegar - Relaxing Bath Salts to Support Serotonin Levels, Muscle & Nerve Relief (32 Ounce)

  • Bathe Like a Biohacker - Turn on the tub, tune into your body and drop into SEROTONIN SOAK bath salts. A uniquely formulated magnesium soak to relax your mind, soothe your nerves, recover sore muscles, boost your mood and recalibrate your system.
  • Supports Serotonin Production - For centuries baths have been used to heal, restore and re-center. A soothing salt bath is a proven way to increase serotonin or the “happy chemicals" in your brain. After an exhausting day, indulge in a bath with our magnesium soak blend with a stress relieving essential oil blend to help reset your body to feel reconnected.
  • Natural Ingredients Used for Centuries - Both the Greeks and Ancient Chinese civilizations used magnesium as a nerve support supplement, a muscle relaxer and an ailment for headaches and digestion troubles. Apple cider vinegar has also long been used to stimulate energy and the nervous system going all the way back to Ancient Rome.
  • You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Bathe in It - HigherDOSE uses the purest form of magnesium from the Zechstein Sea, French green clay for skin exfoliation, algae and raw apple cider vinegar to aid in inflammation. We also add our blend of essential oil blend of turmeric and palo santo into the bath soak. This formula creates a luxurious bath that is hard to pass up, inviting the good energy in.
  • How to Use - Drop 4 scoops into the bathtub under the running water and soak in the bathing salts for about 20-30 minutes. Sip on HIGH-DRATION Powder to prepare for this deep detox. Pop a CHILL CHEW to pre-activate your zen. After your magnesium soak bath, watch the water and all your worries, drain away.
Get ready to spark your serotonin in your brain and body with ancient minerals magnesium bath flakes. Our 32 oz bath products blend with apple cider vinegar skin care and essential oils muscle relief. These bath salts for women relaxing with magnesium flakes and essential oil blends stress is perfect for relaxing in a muscle recovery bath soak while winding down after a long day of work. The relaxing bath salts can also period of being sick, or a stressful event in your life. Bath soaks with stress reliever essential oils are relaxing bath products that are also great to add to your wellness routine in general. Magnesium flakes for bath with stress relief essential oil can be used after a gym workout to soothe the muscles and bio-hack your nervous system. Our pack is ideal for four baths (8 oz or about 1 cup of soak per bath). Use the Magnesium salts for bath to have your muscles feeling extra pain-free. They are the ideal muscle soothing bath salts. Our line of bath soaks helps your bath soak moisturizing, also known as bath salts for men with stress relief essential oil blend are magnesium bath salt that restores and rejuvenate itself with purely sourced magnesium salt, apple cider vinegar, and French green clay that will exfoliate your skin instead of drying it out like some bath soaks do.For best use stress relief bath salts :Draw a hot salt for bath and drop in about four scoops (8oz each of Serotonin Sea Salt Bath Soak)

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