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HERBIFY Quinine Tincture - Quinine Liquid Extract for Healthy Digestion - Quinine Cinchona Supplement for Better Absorption - US Made Product - for Men & Women 4oz (120ml)

  • Fast Absorbing Quinine Supplement. This 100 % natural liquid extract of wild red cinchona tree bark provides support for your immunity. Herbify liquid quinine drops have the highest absorption rate, hence it works faster.
  • Quinine Tincture 100 % Alcohol-free. Improve your digestion and soothe a bloated stomach with a natural extract. Herbify quinine drops supplement is made from 2 types of high quality cinchona bark - Cinchona Succirubra and Officinalis.
  • Pure Concentrated Quinine will help you to relieve discomfort and maintain health of your nervous system. This natural supplement is known to improve your overall well-being and supply your body with essential nutrients.
  • Herbify is made in the USA with a lot of pride. We are based in Florida and use American ingredients as much as possible. We at Herbify have strict quality control, check our sources, and value Love & Trust for our brand above everything else.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed to you when you choose us. Make your purchase without hesitation and risk-free, as we take care of every customer, and your health is our main priority. You didn’t see the benefits? Unbelievable! Take your money back.

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