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Healcity Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine Professional Negative Hydrogen Ion Foot Detoxification System SPA Cleanse with 2 Detox Arrays+1 Far Infrared +1 Wrist Strap + 1 Waist Belt+1 Storage Case

  • ★ This ionic foot bath detox machine has a far infrared waist belt, it has benefit on reliever the joint pain , lose weight and beauty effect. It also comes with a luxury aluminum suitcase, very convenience for carrying.
  • ★ This professional ionic foot bath detoxification system has the function of brainpower code manage. This device can be installed a password and has a 'counter' for counting the times it be used. So it's suitable for clinic & renting purpose.
  • ★ Benefits of detoxification: 1)Improve arranging poisonous ability oneself of the body; 2)Relieve the burden of the body organ; 3)Promote metabolism and blood circulation; 4)Increase the vigor of cells; 5)Improve the sleep effectively;
  • ★ Package: 1 x Foot bath detox machine, 2 x arrays, 1 x wrist strap,1 x power cord, 1 x Waist Belt ; 1 x Storage Case; 1 x instruction manual.
  • ★ 100% SATISFIED: If you are not happy with your buying experience, simply contact us and tell us what we can do to solve the problem! If the product fails to meet your expectations or is not as described, we will replace the item(s) or give you 100% of your money back.
Healcity Professional LCD Ionic Foot Bath Detox Machine SPA Cleanse Machine with 2 Detox Arrays +1 Far Infrared +1 Wrist Strap+1 Power Cord+ 1 Waist Belt+1 Storage Case

Before using this machine, be sure to read through the instruction manual.

Warm tips:
1.Please use untreated warm tap water, about 86℉ is ok.
1.Add salt: pls add salt little by little every time according to the display value of A: ampere,suggest value of A:2.0±0.2 (too much salt may caused machine cut off or alarm)
2.Recommend water volume: cover foot ankles.
3.You have to wear the wrist strap when using this machine.
4.Please put some water on your hand before you take the wrist strap.


1.Improve micro circulation by exerting strong rotational and vibration effects in the molecular level,which are biologically beneficial

2.Increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood to the body’s soft tissue areas.

3.Increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens.

4.Promote regeneration.

5.Increase metabolism between blood and tissue

6.Stimulate the hypothalamus,which controls the production of neurochemicals involved in such biological processes as sleep,mood,pain sensations,and blood pressure

Power: 60W
Input: 110V/230V AC
. Output: 0-15V DC, 0-2.5A

Type: Unknown Type