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Halloween Peeps Candy Bundle - 3 Pack of Marshmallow Peep'S - Perfect Halloween Candy, Fall Candy, Trick or Treat Candy - Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Skulls - 15 Ounces per Package

  • This Halloween Peeps 3 pack is perfect for Halloween candy bags. This contains 5 individually wrapped 3.375 oz Peeps 6 packs (Pumpkin, Ghost, Skulls).
  • Is it really Halloween without your favorite Peep's marshmallow candies? We don't think so! Grab this bag for kids candy bags or even as trick or treat candy.
  • Fall candy is back, and what is a better example than these fall harvest candies? Peep's marshmallows are our personal favorite! What is yours?
  • Purchase your bulk Halloween candy here. Packaged in a bag containing 5 individually wrapped packs. Take to work and fill up the candy jar while being able to safely store aware without risking freshness.
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