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Grip Solid Training Aid, Right Hand, Black, One Size Fits All

  • Winner, Best New Product - PGA Expo 2011
  • Solves hooks and slices
  • Improves distance and control
  • Develops accuracy and consistency
  • Works with any club - ready in seconds
  • Brand: Grip Solid
  • Color: Grip Solid
  • Model: GripSolid
The award winning Grip Solid is worn over your glove to give you perfect grip
pressure throughout your swing. The hands are your only contact with the golf
club – If you’re holding the club wrong it’s nearly impossible to hit
consistent golf shots. Grip Solid ensures your grip is perfect throughout your
swing. If you’re holding the club too tight, your tempo is ruined. Grip Solid
prevents the club from slipping and eliminates death grip. Grip Solid works
with drivers, irons and wedges. Practice while you play with Grip Solid –
Develop the touch and feel you need to improve your game.

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