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Goose Valley Natural Wild Rice - Family Reserve 5 lbs (Pack of 2) - Variety of Jumbo High Fiber and High Protein Whole Grain Rice for Healthy Heart

  • HIGHEST QUALITY OF WILD RICE IN NORTH AMERICA - You can now create a beautiful dish using our 100% Grade A Natural Wild Rice. Shine your lunch and dinner with a premium plate appearance and hearty texture with its rich, dark color and nutty taste.
  • GET THAT HEALTHY BODY AND HEART - Did you know that wild rice provides a healthy mix of protein and fiber?. Plus, it is gluten-free to eliminate bloating and improves energy levels.
  • THE REAL DEAL - Kosher certified, our top-class organic wild rice strictly complies with cleanliness, purity, and quality. Cured, parboiled, hulled, and graded A, it is an estate-grown in a sustainable farming method in California USA.
  • TOP SATISFACTION FOR EVERYONE - Looking for a healthier choice between white and brown rice? Look no more for a heart-healthy alternative! All-natural, it is great for vegan, vegetarian, health-conscious, and for you who have great-eye for great rice.
  • ENJOY OUR 2 PACK “5 LBS BAG OF WELLNESS” - When you delight yourself with our tasty Goose Valley Brown Natural Wild Rice, you are giving your body the love it definitely deserved. Click the yellow add to cart button today and discover the hidden secret to improve your well-being.
  • Brand: Goose Valley
Size: **5 Pound (Pack of 2)**
Goose Valley is the largest natural wild rice producer. Their natural wild
rice is also the best selling wild rice in North America. Each year, our
Family Reserve is hand selected to be the plumpest wild rice of their crop.
They don’t use any pesticides or herbicides on their certified organic wild
rice – just the gentlest old fashioned farming techniques. 5 lb Bags of
California estate grown, 100% Grade A Black Jumbo Natural Wild Rice, has a
rich dark brown color, distinctive nutty taste, and hearty texture.

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