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GE BR40 Proline Incandescent Indoor Recessed Floodlight Bulb, Soft White Finish, 65-Watts, 6-Pack

  • Illuminate your home with GE incandescent light bulbs. These 65-Watt light bulbs cost $7.83 per year in energy to operate, based on 3 hours per day of use. Inside Frost bulb with color temperature rating of 2600 K.
  • The flood light bulbs illuminate your home with a comfortable soft, white light. These flood lights are perfect for sockets that are hard-to-reach and frequently left on.
  • GE Proline Incandescent Floodlight Bulbs are great for indoors use. They provide directional lighting and are designed for use in recessed ceiling fixtures, track lights, and pole lights.
  • Compared to standard incandescent light bulb, GE floodlight bulbs are funnel shaped and have reflective coating which helps direct light where it is needed.
  • The floodlight design casts wide beams of light to illuminate your home with incandescent light.
  • Inside Frost bulb with color temperature rating of 2600 K
  • 625 lumens providing providing comfortable, inviting light
  • Works with most 130/120-volt lighting fixtures, light is well suited for Track and Recessed applications
  • 65-watt Incandescent lamp provides about 2000-hours of running life, which means replacing your bulbs less often
  • Brand: GE Lighting
  • Color: GE Lighting
  • Model: 24998
### Product Description
GE 24998 ProLine 65-Watt BR40 Flood Light Bulb, 6-Pack. 65-watt lamps for
home, apartment, and office lighting. for unique lighting situations. GE for
every application. 6-Pack case of light bulbs. Manufacturer Description
### From the Manufacturer
GE soft white indoor spotlights provide warm, pleasing everyday light without
harsh glares and shadows. These bulbs' funnel shape and reflective coating
help direct light where it is needed better than a standard incandescent bulb.

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