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Feng Shui Gong

  • Brand: Feng Shui Import
The distinctive sounds of feng shui gong are believed to bring peace,
happiness and harmony. It is also used to scare bad spirit and clean
environment. There are two different pictures of the surface of the feng shui
gong. One has double dragon and Yin Yang symbol. The another one has Chinese
Zodiac signs and Yin Yang also. Double dragons and Yin Yang symbol on the
surface of the gong to represent balance, protection and good luck; Chinese
zodiac signs represent Chinese zodiac animals and harmony. One Chinese coin
embedded under the gong to symbolize wealth. This feng shui gong is made of
metal and wooden hanger. There are two size: Big size: metal gong is approx.
5" in diameter. The overall height is approx. 8". Small Size: gong is approx.
3 1/4" in diameter. The overall height is approx. 7". Small Sizes: Big Sizes:
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Type: Unknown Type