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Fake Teeth, Cosmetic Denture Veneers for Upper and Lower Jaw, Natural Shade Fake Veneer, Denture Decorations for Halloween, Christmas and Daily Life(6PCS)-R7

    Get your sunny and confident smile back with our Dentures!

    Fake Teeth,Veneers Teeth for Women,Snap on Veneers.

    --Environmentally friendly materials, healthy and safe to use
    --Natural white tooth coloring, natural gum coloring, mild gloss finish for a realistic look
    --Thin and comfortable to wear, no foreign body sensation
    --Readjustable size and reusable after cleaning

    Easy to Use:
    Step1.Drop into very hot water.
    With the fitting material attached onto the back of the teeth, drop the teeth into very hot water. The water needs to be above 130˚ Fahrenheit for the fitting material to soften and become pliable. Water from the tap will not be hot enough, you will need to heat it using a microwave or stove top. If the water is hot enough, the fitting material should be soft and pliable after 2 minutes. If after 2 minutes the material is not soft, you will need to use hotter water and try again.
    Step2.Fit the teeth into place
    Once the fitting material is soft and pliable, gently press the teeth onto the front of your existing teeth. Firmly hold the teeth in place and use your thumbs to press any excess fitting material up and around the back of your natural teeth. After 1 minute gently remove the teeth and set them cool immediately in cold water.
    Step3.Let the fitting material cool and then try them on
    Once the fitting material has cooled and hardened, you can place the teeth back into your mouth. When fitted correctly they should kind of pop into place. If you are not happy with the fit, you can reheat and refit as many times as you need until you get a secure fit. The teeth stay in place because the fitting material has made an imprint of your existing teeth like shown above. Once you get accustomed to the fitting process, you may want to adjust the amount of fitting material used to get a fit that feels right for your mouth.

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