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Everest Mouth Wash & Tonsil Stone Remover – Natural Mouthwash or Oral Rinse Liquid to Help Soothe Tonsils, Fight Bad Breath, & Relieve Dry Mouth – Paraben & Alcohol Free Treatment, Spearmint

  • Awash with Benefits – A healthy mouth is an oral rinse away. Help discourage the formation of tonsil stones, relieve dry mouth, and freshen your breath with your all-natural mouthwash from Everest!
  • Behind the Results – Address stinky breath and painful tonsil stones at their sources. Your mouthwash promotes tonsil stone prevention and fresh breath by flushing out built-up particles.
  • 100% Natural – You won’t find artificial ingredients here. Your dry mouth rinse washes and soothes with aloe, marigold extract, goldenseal root, licorice root extract, chamomile, and spearmint oil.
  • Chemical-Less Label – Enjoy a clean mouth and clear mind with Everest. We craft your breath freshener rinse without allergens or harmful additives such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or alcohol.
  • Professional Care – Upgrade your dental hygiene with Everest. We specialize in practical, quality supplies that help protect you and your family’s oral and overall health 1 tool at a time.
A Wholly Clean Mouth Is Here

Brushing may leave your teeth bright and clean, but it also leaves leftover food and bacteria in hidden pockets of your mouth. When left alone, these particles can cause terrible breath and the formation of painful tonsil stones. Don’t let bacteria sit. Clear it with your Everest mouthwash! Your tonsil stone mouthwash helps reduce the likelihood of tonsil stones, diminish bad breath, and relieve dry mouth—all in 1 dentist-formulated, all-natural mouthwash.

Natural, Gentle, Perfect

Chemical-ridden mouthwashes get the job done but are prone to irritate sensitive oral tissue. Luckily, your Everest oral rinse is superiorly gentle thanks to its natural ingredients. Aloe, marigold extract, goldenseal root, licorice root extract, chamomile, and spearmint oil work together to give you the healthy mouth you desire without all the unwanted additives in generic mouthwashes such as:

– Parabens
– Fluoride
– Alcohol
– Artificial sweeteners
– Soy
– Egg
– Peanuts and tree nuts
– Gluten.

From Icky to Sparkling in 4 Steps

Your mouthwash is easy to add to your routine.

1. Fill the dosage cup with mouthwash.
2. Swish around your entire mouth for 1 minute, then spit.
3. Gargle another cup full of mouthwash for 30 seconds and spit again.
4. For best results, repeat this process 2-3 times daily.

Why wait, knowing your mouth is not quite clean? Wash away buildup with your mouthwash from Everest!

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