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Elusive Wildlife Blind Sider X2 Motion Activated Feeder & Bait Light (Green)

  • Brightness Gradually Increases when Motion is Detected
  • Single or Dual LED Operation - Twice as Bright as the Original Blind Sider
  • User Selectable Run Time from 20 Seconds to 15 Minutes
  • Operates on (4) D Batteries, External 6 Volt, (1) 18650 or Rechargeable Solar Panel Kit
  • Over 90 Feet of Illumination
  • Brand: Elusive Wildlife
  • Color: Elusive Wildlife
The All New Blind Side-R X2 Feeder & Bait Light with built in Motion
Activation is the brightest vertically mounted light on the market and loaded
with features! Built around the familiar design of a trail camera, this
incredibly easy to use light can be strapped to a tree, post or can be mounted
with most standard trail camera mounts. Select one or two LEDs to control the
brightness. Position the Blind Side-R X2 on any trail, near your feeder or
over a bait pile you would like to be able to view at night. Simply open the
housing and switch to MOTION MODE to activate the motion sensor. When animals
are detected, the light will gradually increase in brightness, lighting up an
area up to 90 feet in distance. The light remains on while motion is present
and after 20 seconds with no activity, will power off conserving battery life.
The user can select a run time from 20 seconds, 90 seconds, 3 minutes, 5
minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. Want continuous illumination, switch to ON
MODE for a continuous beam of light covering your hunting area. The Blind
Side-R operates on four (4) D Cell batteries and will give you up to an entire
season of operation (in MOTION MODE). This light can also run off one (1)
18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and be powered by a 6V solar panel (not
included). An external 6 Volt Battery can also be used to run the light. The
Blind Side–R X2 includes a metal cam buckle mounting strap for easy attachment
or utilize the two (2) built in 1/4 threaded brass mounting inserts for easy
positioning and attachment via standard trail camera mounts. Mounts virtually
anywhere with easy single switch operation. No programming, just mount and
hunt. Hunt hogs and predators when they are most active with the Blind Side-R
Feeder/Bait Light. Available in Green, Red or White LED Single or Dual LED
Operation User Selectable Run Times Operates on 4 D Batteries, External 6
Volt, or Solar Panel Kit (Sold Separatly) Batteries not included

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