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E-Z Pool Weekly All in 1 Concentrated Outdoor Swimming Pool Care Solution Blend with Copper Sulfate and Oxygen Enriching Formula, 10 Pound Bucket

  • WEEKLY APPLICATION: E-Z Pool All-in-1 treatment makes outdoor swimming pool maintenance a breeze; Concentrated pool cleaner blend automatically balances the pool's pH between 7.2 and 7.6
  • KEEPS POOL CLEAN: Chemical pool cleaner includes copper sulfate to get rid of over 20,000 strains of algae; Blend includes calcium scale protection to avoid cloudy water or white flake precipitation
  • SAFE TO SWIM IN: Softens water to reduce dry skin after swimming
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER: E-Z pool is a powerful clarifier that coagulates loose, suspended particles for crystal clear water; Concentrated blend eliminates the need to bleach pool liner and swim gear
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 10 pounds; Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.75 x 10 x 9.25 inches; Note: This item cannot be shipped to California and will be cancelled/refunded if order is placed.
  • Brand: E-z Pool
Size: **Regular 10 lb**
Keep your outdoor pool clean easily with the E-Z Pool All-in-1 Concentrated
Pool Care Solution Blend. This water care program features a specially
blended, multi-tasking formula that only needs to be applied once a week. E-Z
Pool features a stable oxidizer that immediately breaks down contaminants in
the water, increasing sanitizer effectiveness. This weekly pool cleaner
prevents scale build-up and metallic staining on pool surfaces and equipment.
The cleaner also clarifies and conditions the water in your pool, leaving
water that won't dry out your skin or leave harsh chemical residue in your
hair or on your bathing suit. This pool cleaner contains copper sulfate, which
destroys over 20,000 strains of algae. Despite its powerful cleaning
capabilities, E-Z Pool leaves your swimming pool with fresh, clean water that
is ready to swim in right away. E-Z Pool even enriches the oxygen in your pool
water, so you can enjoy sparkling water all pool season long. The E-Z Pool
Weekly All in 1 Concentrated Pool Care Solution Blend comes in a 10-pound
bucket. Use this cleaning blend once a week and enjoy a pristine swimming
pool. Note: This item cannot be shipped to California and will be
cancelled/refunded if order is placed.

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