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Dentist's Choice Dental Guard - Best Oral Appliance 4 Bruxism & Clenching - Nighttime moldable Front Tooth Custom Anti Teeth Grinding Night Protector - Professional Slim-fit Bruxing Mouth Bite Splint

  • REAL RESULTS: Stop toothaches, tooth fractures, sore jaw, and clenching and grinding with the Dentist's Choice. Unlike other dental guards that are just a piece of plastic in-between your teeth, The Dentist's Choice Mouth Guard treats the source of teeth clenching and grinding by creating physical distance between the back teeth, preventing teeth clenching and grinding where the jaw is strongest. Dentist's Choice was designed by a TMJ dentist..
  • SLIM FIT: Dentist's Choice is 35% smaller than full-mouth night guards and gets a tighter, snugger fit thanks to a molding tool and a molding hexes that holds the night guards for teeth grinding to your teeth better than any other mouth guard for clenching teeth at night.
  • COMFORTABLE: Perfect Custom Fit thanks to a molding tool and slim design that only sits in the front portion of the mouth, allowing the mouth to be free of globs of plastic like other brands. Hate nighttime nightguard that make you drool? So do we; that's why we designed Dentist's Choice to cause less drool than other styles of night guards.
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYBODY: Dentist's Choice Night Guard is designed with everyone in mind - whether you have a small or large mouth, this is the dental guard for you. This anti-grind guard is used and loved by adult men, adult women, and even some children, too (ask your dentist if you're under 18).
  • EASY TO USE: Made of moldable material, these boil-and-bite dental guards are easy to mold to a custom fit that's both comfortable and effective. Dentist's Choice Bite Guards come with a molding tool and easy-to-follow instructions that are made simple enough for anybody to follow and get a perfect fit, the first time. And in case you don't, you can remold the bite guard at any time.
Each Dentist Choice Bite Guard includes: 1 Dentist Choice Night Guard 1 Molding Tool Molding Instructions with link to video Why doesn't Dentist Choice come with 4-6 mouth guards like other brands? Because we believe in making high quality products that are designed to last and be effective. Other brands would rather give you a handful of cheap products made in China that don't actually help. We believe in making products that work and are made in the USA. Dentist Choice is the answer to frustration of not having a great over-the-counter option to clenching and grinding teeth, bruxism, or TMJ. Designed by dentists, it is naturally the Dentist's Choice. It's unique design keeps the back teeth from touching altogether (where the jaws strongest muscles are) and is very petite. Clenching and grinding can be devastating for the teeth, muscles, and jaw over time - protect yourself with a night guard for teeth clenching.

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