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De La Cruz Lactose Powder - Pure Lactose Monohydrate Milk Sugar NF Grade, 24 OZ

  • Pure Lactose Powder is a very effective prebiotic, adding a touch of sweetness to drinks. It also acts as a stabilizer to help ingredients that typically don't mix well.
  • Powdered lactose is a naturally sweet lactose sugar that is a great carbohydrate source! This is a healthy choice to add to your morning coffee for a touch of sweetness, as it is only 20% as sweet as table sugar.
  • Homebrew Lactose - great for brewing cider and beer. Lactose is a form of sugar (milk sugar) and is not fully fermentable by yeasts, giving your lactose homebrew a super slight sweetness.
  • Lactose milk sugar is a great way to increase food bulk and weight! It is a safe alternative to cow and soy milk and is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, and antibiotics.
  • NF Grade: This Lactose Monohydrate Powder meets or exceeds the requirements of National Formulary Grade (NF) and is for manufacturing, processing, repacking or for pharmaceutical compounding.
  • Brand: De La Cruz
  • Model: C4557
For manufacturing, processing, repacking or for pharmaceutical compounding.
Product is NF Grade. Packed in USA.

Type: Unknown Type