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DAISY ENCENS Bath Bombs for Kids with Toys Inside,Bubble Bath Fizzies with Superhero Toy Surprises,Large Bombs Moisturizing Natural , Bath Bombs for Kids, Gift for Girls and Boys

  • 【Surprise From Comics】【IMPORTANT: TOYS MAY VARY】Surprise your kids and bring them closer to their favorite comics with these large bath bombs painted in famous comic character colors. Please NOTE that the randomly toy inside each bath bomb. So it may not come out the toy your kid love, but it will give A Surprises to see which one will be yours.
  • 【Fizzy Fun Bath】Bubbly fizzing kick of instantly, presenting a magical feast to the eyes with the fun, vibrant colors. The superhero bath bombs float, spin, and fizz all over the water for a long while, furthering the feast with the surprise toys.
  • 【Fragrant Home SPA】Beyond the fun & excitement, these bubble bath bombs bring a luxurious Spa-like experience with their pleasant natural smells of Sweet Orange, Ocean Breeze, Watermelon, Forest, Oud Immortel, Grape. They moisturize to leave your skin soft & silky, cleanse to make your body fresh & light, and soothe to let you feel alive.
  • 【Safe & Natural】Handmade with a vegan and cruelty-free formula containing Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sea Salt, pure Essential Oils, kid-friendly colors that never stain tub and skin, and other natural ingredients. The natural fizzies go smooth and gentle on the skin of all ages.
  • 【Nice Presentation】6 large superhero bath bombs are individually wrapped and neatly packed in an adorable box, presenting a perfect bath bomb gift set for kids and comic superhero lovers on Birthdays, Christmas, and more.

About this gift set:

Watching superhero movies could always fire you up, making you feel desperate to know your favorite characters more. But that is always cut off by the screen you’re watching the character through. 

Fortunately, this bath bomb is your ultimate way to reconnect with them, because you can just bathe with your favorite superheroes. While you relaxing in the tub, the large and cute comic toys fitted inside the superhero-inspired bath bomb will pop up to surprise you, adding up to the joy and your special feelings toward the superhero.

Toss one into your tub and enjoy the especially surprising way to relate to your favorite movie characters.

How to use:

To enjoy a bath treat with the most colorful fizzing, slowly lower the bomb into the water after your little one has settled in the tub, or for maximum drama drop it from a height.

And then take at least 20-30 minutes for a relaxing bath. It's best not to rinse off after a bath! Our recipe's moisturizing magic continues to work on kids' skin even after they have dried off.

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