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Clown White Makeup Face Paint

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Our premium water-based formula is perfect for professional clowns and mimes as well as for Halloween costumes and face paint activities. It delivers beautifully each and every time!
  • ULTRA SMOOTH COVER - The super creamy clown white face paint goes on smoothly without cracking, streaking or drying out under even the most demanding conditions.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & SAFE - Made with safe and gentle ingredients including a high concentration of titanium dioxide, the clown white makeup doesn’t clog pores and is very gentle on the most sensitive skin.

         STM400 Treasure Chest Resource Tokens Stonemaier Games

         Treasure Chest is an assortment of premium grade realistic resource tokens             for   use  in a variety of games.
         It will include tokens for wood, stone, brick, gems, ore, and gold.

Type: Beauty