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Cigar Caddy Golf Gift Set Mini Golf Bag Humidor Triple Flame Torch Lighter Cutter Cigar Holder

  • Mini Golf Bag cigar caddie caddy Holder
  • With Cutter Triple Flame Torch lighter
  • Caddie clip cigar holder
  • ABS Cigar cutter, Humidifier
  • Brand: MEK-Distributing
This golf bag humidor looks just like a full size golf bag. It is 8" tall by
3" diameter and has a clip so that you can conveniently attach the case to
your real golf bag during a game. This travel humidor holds up to nine 50 ring
cigars and comes with a humidifier and Spanish cedar bottom. The side pocket
holds accessories such as a lighter and cigar cutter. Available in forest
green/tan. Cigars not included. Comes Complete with
Cutter/Humidifier/Lighter/holder/Lighter Just Added New and improved Triple
Flame Torch Lock For Continuous Flame Wind Resistant Butane Refillable
Adjustable Flame Height(MY choice Color)Butane Refillable(not included) Cutter
- Single Blade ABS Black Guillotine Cutter. Caddy Clip Golf ball shaped cigar
holder-Keeps cigars (ring size 32-54); cigars dry and free of pesticides, dirt
and fertilizer. No more Wet Grips! Holds club handles off wet turf at the tee
or on the green.No more Wet Grips!

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