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Castor Bean -Deep Purple- New Zealand Purple, Tropical Look, Fast Growing - Ricinus Communis, (16+ Seeds) Grown in and Shipped from USA!

  • *Will update inventory daily as seeds are harvested.* 16+ Seeds per pack with detailed growing instructions included from Onalee's Seeds. My seeds are grown, harvested, tested, packed, and shipped in the USA. Grown for gardeners by gardeners since 2001.
  • Fast growing. Hardy zones 9-11, annual in other zones. Full sun. Dry, sandy soil.
  • Striking Deep purple foliage. Will reach 10 feet tall in one season. Fast growing hedge.
  • Perfect for a natural screen. Possibly a mole repellent.
  • Seeds and plants are poisonous. Plant with care if your children or pets are inclined to eat your plants. Do not ingest.
  • Brand: Brand: Onalee's Seeds
  • Color: Brand: Onalee's Seeds

Onalee's Seeds, LLC is a family owned supplier of seeds based solely in the USA. We proudly grow, harvest, pack and ship all our own seeds and have been doing so since 2001. All photos on our listings are from the actual plants the seeds were harvested from; we don't buy and resell or use other people's photos. We provide high quality, fresh seeds with detailed planting instructions, including a color photo of a seedling id. Our goal is to have beautiful plants in your garden!

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You are buying 16+ New Zealand Purple (some sites even call these 'Black') Castor Bean Plant Seeds, (Ricinus communis), plus planting and growing instructions. Grown in and shipped from USA. A fast growing plant that adds an exotic and tropical flair to any landscape. Usually grown as an annual, the Castor Bean plant may reach 8-10 feet in height or more by the end of the summer. They will get big! These UNUSUAL DEEP PURPLE Castor Bean plants have very small flowers, but very LARGE and attractive DEEP PURPLE seed pods along with purple leaves and purple stalks - they make a STRIKING hedge or specimen plants. How great would these look as a privacy hedge around your pool or deck?
Extremely easy to grow – loves full sun and average, well draining soil. Some organic gardening sites claim that castor bean plants help repel moles from your landscape (castor bean oil is often used in commercial mole repellents), however other sites say there is no research to substantiate that claim – but, heck – it can’t hurt to try it and you’ll amaze your neighbors with this fast growing, tropical plant! In zones 9-11, it may be grown as a perennial, where it can grow to the size of a small tree (15+ feet) grow as an annual in colder zones. Seeds and plant are HIGHLY POISONOUS if ingested. DO NOT EAT!

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