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Cape Sundew - Drosera capensis - Carnivorous Plant 3" Pot

  • Live healthy adult sized Drosera capensis (cape sundew)
  • Comes with 3 inch pot
  • Comes with enough New Zealand sphagnum moss to fill pot
  • Comes with detailed care sheet & growing instructions
  • Shipped bareroot
  • Brand: PET CAREE
  • Color: PET CAREE
You will receive a live, mature cape sundew, an appropriate sized pot for
growing it, and enough high quality New Zealand sphagnum moss to plant it.
These plants must be kept wet at all times, so it is best to have a tray,
bowl, or saucer for the pot to sit in. It is also important that the plant be
watered with distilled water, reverse osmosis water, or rain water because
regular tap water can be deadly to carnivorous plants. Drosera capensis is a
wonderful variety of sundew native to South Africa. The plant produces long,
elegant leaves covered with tiny red tendrils that produce sparkling glue.
Insects get trapped in this glue, and the leaf slowly curls around them to
digest. Drosera capensis also produces clusters of bright pink flowers that
grow atop tall stalks. These plants can be grown on a sunny windowsill, in
artificially-lit terrariums, or in mild outdoor climates if exposed to
filtered sunlight. They should be protected from extremely hot and extremely
cold weather if grown outdoors.

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