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Canada Goose Head Decoy Flocking Kit - 50 Heads

  • Works on any brand of decoy with the same great results (including silhouettes). Eliminates glare! Works on floating decoys!
  • Inexpensive, Easy to apply, Fiber wear is minimal and looks better than paint!
  • No need to replace old decoys, Revive them!!!
  • Each kit comes with 1/2 Pound of Black Nylon Flocking 1/8 Pound of White Nylon Flocking, Applicator, 2- 1" Brushes
  • Oil based brush on paint in a similar color to the flock is recommended. (Not Included)
  • Brand: Fowl Flocker
The application of Flocking is a simple process. Remember do not skimp on the
adhesive (Oil Based brush on paints in the color you are flocking will work
for the adhesive), don’t skimp on the fibers as access fibers can be
recaptured. Flocked finish allows you to create professional looking velvety,
suede like finish with no previous experience.

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